How to copy audio cd and video cd

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when i copy audio cds and video cds only the particular files copy . once i open the copied file it is empty? what is the correct method to copy audio cd  and video cds?



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How to copy audio cd and video cd


There are many ways to copy a CD or DVD into your computer’s HDD. But before copying you must scan your CD or DVD by an Antivirus, which should be installed in your system. It will keep safe your System. Two are most common:

1st way

a. Put CD/DVD in to your CD ROM or DVD ROM drive.

b. Go to My Computer and right click on CD ROM or DVD ROM drive icon.

c. A drop down menu will appear.

d. Left Click on copy

2nd way

a. Open source of CD ROM or DVD ROM drive and press CTRL+A to selectall.

b. Now press CTRL+C to copy all selected files

c. Go to your desired HDD drive and press CTRL=V to past

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How to copy audio cd and video cd


Hi zafira , 

There are many solutions for copying an audio or video CD .

Anyway the above solution wont work for audio files . I will tell you how to do that .

Just follow my steps correctly : – 

1. Put in your CD and wait for it to load.

2.Now open your PC's Windows media player .

3. View your Windows media player in full mode . 

4. Click on copy from CD and then choose the drive from which you want to copy .

5.Click each and every audio files which you need to copy and then finally click on compy music button 

6. and finally they will be copied to your My DocumentsMy Music

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How to copy audio cd and video cd


Good day Amoyo..

I'm so grateful I was able to copy some of the files from my CDs (audio and videos). Thanks! 🙂 Hoping no errors on file to occur again..

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