How to consolidate Inbox in MS Outlook?

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I have five email accounts which I have been accessing using one inbox on Outlook. When I upgraded to Outlook 2010, it automatically created an inbox for each of the five email accounts. Checking five inbox is time consuming. Can you tell me how to consolidate the five email accounts in one inbox as with the previous versions of Outlook?

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How to consolidate Inbox in MS Outlook?


Hi Barlow,

Microsoft Outlook can help you consolidate multiple accounts into a single file. As you have said, it is a waste of time checking five Inbox.  How?

  1. By deleting your five accounts and then re create it again.
  2. By following the technique of consolidating and importing files from your previous Outlook to Outlook 2010
  • Consolidating different email addresses into one inbox
a.   Set Up Microsoft Outlook.  Press START > OUTLOOK
b.    Remove all accounts exclude for one.
c.    Create the account again.  Select Tools and Accounts by clicking them. > then Add and Mail.  Keep up the instructions on                the screen display  to finish the account set up.  Then do it again for each account.
  • Consolidating previous Outlook to Outlook 2010
a.    Set up your previous Outlook. Press Start and Outlook
b.    Have the data file copied.  Open the File by clicking and look for the data file. You have to right click it and choose copy.
c.    Let the data file paste to a removable disk.  Hit the Start and my Computer. Find for the removable disk just like  flash drive. Do the right click and choose Paste.
d.    Let the removable disk inserted into your computer  using Microsoft outlooks 2010.
e.    Let  the file copied to any location then START> My Computer.  Look for the removable disk and right click the file and choose copy.  Look for the location that is easy to recall. Do the right click and choose Paste.
f.     Set Up Outlook.  START>OUTLOOK
g.    Let the file imported.  Click File>Open then look for the file that was copied from the flash disk. To open the it, do the  double click.  Now, this will consolidate the data with the Microsoft Outlook 2010.
Hope this might help you.

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