How to connect router adsl lan wire?

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How to connect router ADSL LAN wire? I am having a problem on connecting my ADSL router in a local area network wire. I wish you can help me on how to perform the cable connection properly or any illustration that I will be able to follow to get the problem resolved.

Thank you.

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How to connect router adsl lan wire?


Hey Madison,

Make sure you have following things intact.

  • ADSL LAN wire is connected with RJ 45 connector. Make sure to connect it to Ethernet adapter (after connecting you should see the notification about the local area connection connected).
  • If you have not configured your computer’s TCP/IP connection to obtain a Static IP, you should be able to connect to internet easily. But you have given a static ip to you computer, make sure to set to obtain an IP address from the server (ADSL modem).
  • After successful connection, go to RUN > type “CMD” without quotes > write the following command.


Note: usually, is the default gateway you should be connecting to. Find your default gateway by clicking on the local area connection icon in system tray and click on the details and replace with your default gateway address.

If ping command gives you positive response and it pings successfully through your default gateway, you should be connecting to the internet. Otherwise, you’ll have to contact your internet service provider.


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