How to connect internet from mobile over bluetooth to a Laptop

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I have Blackberry Curve 8520. I have internet activated on mobile. How to use internet connection of mobile from a laptop after connecting it with bluetooth.

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How to connect internet from mobile over bluetooth to a Laptop


You can use your Bluetooth enabled mobile as a modem to access internet on your laptop.This helps a lot when there is no Wi-Fi service available.
– First you need to Activate Bluetooth on your mobile phone.
– On your Computer you need to find Bluetooth program Manager( if you are a Vista user goto Control panel to see the same, MAC users can find the Bluetooth under System settings)
– In Bluetooth , select and add a new device or connection.
-Your mobile phone will appear. You need to select it to connect to laptop.
– If you are asked for PIN, enter 0000 or 1234 ( if asked:on both mobile and laptop )
– After phone is added, choose Personal Area network option as service.
NOw your Internet connection should work.

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How to connect internet from mobile over bluetooth to a Laptop


 Follow these steps

01.First, open My Network Places by right-clicking in the icon and selecting Properties.

02.Need to add another Connection, and to do this we just double-click the "Make New Connection" icon.

03.The wizard will start with a brief explanation, and we'll click the Next button.

04.Then the "Dial-up to the internet" option because this is what we want to do…

05.Then the last option because we'll manually enter the configuration for this connection.

06.Then we tell the Wizard we'll be using a phone line and a modem (our Bluetooth mobile).

07.Because we don't have a modem, the Wizard will start the installation of my new modem. If you already have a modem, you want to manually install, following the explanation at the beginning of this article. If this is the case then you go down on this article, otherwise continue: next we select "Don't detect my modem.". We know we have already installed the software, so let's go to the list!

08.In the list you'll have to find the manufacturer and model. I'm using an Ericsson T39 Bluetooth Modem.

09.Because the Wizard we'll need to connect to the phone, we have to find what COM port we're using. Right-click the Bluetooth icon in the system tray and select Advanced Configuration.

10.Selecting the Client Applications tab we see we have the Bluetooth Serial Port on COM4. You have to be careful here: we want the Client, not the Local Service port (this one used for Activesync)!

11.Back to the Wizard, we then select the correct COM port.

12.Sometimes the driver does not have a Digital Signature. Just click Yes to continue the installation.

13.This is the end of this part. Now we have a new modem installed in the system.

14.The Wizard will then create the Connection itself. Uncheck "Use area code" because we just want to dial the GPRS code. Vodafone New Zealand uses *99#, which means to use the default GPRS configuration in the SIM Card. You may want to check with your carrier what number to use here, but it'll be *99…#. Click the Next button.

15.In my case Vodafone does not require these fields, again you have to check with your carrier.

16.Give a good name for your new connection…

17.And select Yes or No to setup internet e-mail (you don't need this if you already have your configuration done). Another step finished!

18.To connect, just double-click the new Connection icon (you can create a shortcut in the desktop!)

19.You'll see the "Dialing" dialog, and notice the Bluetooth icon in the System Tray going green! a few seconds you should get the notification when your connection is established.

20.Look at "My Bluetooth Places" again and you'll see the mobile icon showing a connection is established.

21.Now, some clean up! Internet Explorer will set the new connection as the default one. If you start Internet Explorer it'll ask to connect. Click "Work Offline".

22.On Internet Explorer click Tools | Internet Options.

23.And on the Connections tab you can change your default connection or "Never dial a connection" if you want to use a LAN connection by default.

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