How to configure linux desktop backup?

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Hello Experts,

How to configure Linux desktop backup? I just want to be ready if anything will happen that can harm my computer system registry. I back up is needed to be ready for any error, crashing data or files. I am currently using Linux operating system, please give me some solution.

Thank you.

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How to configure linux desktop backup?


Hello, Trevor Jhon,

Everyday you hear people complain about how one should back up their desktops to avoid deletion of files due to viruses and the such, but not everyone knows which program to use. There are lots of possible backup solutions. But the simplest one would be Simple Backup or Sbackup. Same as any other backup program but can be understood by any layman. 

All you have to do is download the program. Then open up "Add/Remove Software Tool" and search for "sbackup". Do not include the quotation marks. Just mark "Simple Backup" for installation. Click to install.
You're done! Just schedule your backups, restore them if needed. Other than that, you're good to go. No loss of your precious data.
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How to configure linux desktop backup?



 That’s a pretty good plan there. Everyone owning a computer should do regular back ups of their files. It’s the number one rule. Now it doesn’t matter if you’re using Windows, OS X, or Linux as in your case. The easiest way to backup is by using fwbackups. It has a user friendly interface and you have a choice of doing a single backup or schedule recurring backups.

Simply open a Terminal window by selecting “Applications,” “Accessories,” “Terminal ”.

Then type "sudo apt-get install fwbackups" (without quotations or underline) and then press "Enter" to install fwbackups. Launch by selecting “System,” “Preferences,” “fwbackups” and choose “Backup Sets.”

Click on “New Set” to set up and select which files or directories you want to back up in the “Path” tab by clicking the addition button. Select the “Destination” tab and choose your preferred storage location.

From here you can decide if you want to schedule recurring backups using the “Times” tab. Just make sure you select “Options” and apply once everything has been configured. Click "Backup set now" to initialize your first backup and you’re good to go. 


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