How to compare excel sheets for differences?

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I want to know, how to compare excel sheets for differences? The excel sheets are in the same workbook, and I want to know which cells in the two spreadsheets contain different values?

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How to compare excel sheets for differences?


You can compare two excel sheets by using a formula, and the desired result will be saved in a new sheet.

For this, all you have to do is:

Open a new sheet and type the following formula in the first cell A1:

=IF(Sheet1!A1<> Sheet2!A1, "Sheet1:"&Sheet1!A1&" vs Sheet2:"&Sheet2!A1, "")

Where Sheet1 and Sheet2 are the names of two sheets you want to compare.

The result will look somewhat like this:

If you want to highlight the difference in the cells values between two sheets, then in one of the worksheet, select all cells with values, then, click on conditional formatting, and create a new rule with the formula


Where Sheet2 is the other sheet, you are comparing.

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