How to compare current data with the historical one?

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Hello Techyv experts

Currently I am building a client’s database that will contain some historical data in some text boxes. I need to compare that current data with the historical data. Is there any way to do so? Please help me.

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How to compare current data with the historical one?



You can compare the data in three different ways.
Database Stored procedure
1) Load the current data in a temp table first.
2) Using Sql statements and string functions compare the data in the text boxes.
Excel sheet
1) If the historical data is less than 65,000 rows you can export them into Excel sheet.
2) Load your current data into the same excel sheet and compare both of them.
Script or Language
1) Using the scripting or programming languages you can read the database having the historical records.
2) write a script to read the current data from the file and then compare the text boxes using string functions in the scripting language.
kindly let me know, if you need further assistance in creating such scripts.

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