How to communicate through networking?

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Networking is so important to supply information from one computer to another,

How do we communicate using networking through email servers?

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How to communicate through networking?


Hello Colby,

I have read your concern regarding communication using networking. As what I’ve understood with your question, you want to know how to send and receive emails from one network to another or vice versa using network service emails. Is it right?

There are three ways on how you can connect an email server to other network: 1. LAN (Local Area Network); 2. Modem; or 3. Dial-up. You just have to keep in mind that WiFi or other wireless network are still considered LAN connections since it still maintain a constant connection and do not require a connection to be established manually.

I will show you here on how to establish a secure connection from your pc to mail server.

1. First, establish a profile for you to connect at “”

2. Locate the profile settings and select “TUNNELING”

3. Click “NEW OUTGOING TUNNEL” option and create a new one. After that, create again a second tunnel for an inbound mail.

4. You may now able to connect to the server using this profile.

I hope I am in the right track of understanding your concern and give you a hand to fix the problem. I hope this information is of good help.

Good Luck!



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