SQL Server 2008 R2 installation/connection questions

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Hi all.

My Windows Home Server connected to my home networks and I have installed SQL Server 2008 R2 on that system. I want to connect to the SQL Server installation from my laptop with SQL Management Studio with the help of Windows Credentials.

Now I am running for the answer of some few questions about the installation and connection:

What is the default instance and how is it used within SQL Server?

In the connection screen on my laptop I can select my server itself as a database engine, is this correct?

When I try to connect via step three I receive a timeout error, (Error number -2), how would I go about fixing this?

So I wish I can get any dependable help from anyone. I have posted much information here. Please help me to fulfill my desire. Thanks.

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SQL Server 2008 R2 installation/connection questions


Basing from the description of the problem, this could be a coding problem and also the version you have that is having the problem. This is not related to the MySQL Server. You need to do the following two options to resolve it:

  1. Verify carefully the coding of your MySQL. Please check if there is an error in the code and fix the cause of the error. If you can’t fix the issue, then you will need to ask an expert that has experienced the same problem or to check the error that you are experiencing. If this error in the code is fixed, you MySQL database will be running smoothly again.
  2. Verify the database version of your MySQL Server if this is compatible with the server you are connecting. It is very important when doing MySQL to check if the version of the MySQL database is compatible. This is similar to when you use PHP then the PHP version must be compatible with the database you are using which is the version of the MySQL database. Sometimes you are deeply checking the coding that you have but the real problem is due to the compatibility between your database and server. Check this one so that the code will be comfortable with the server and database that you have.

The two options are presented to you and you have to verify carefully the steps and then double check if the problem is solved. Hope this will you out.

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