How to combine mailboxes in eudora for my mail accounts?

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I need help on merging my two email accounts in Eudora.

Do I need to use any browser to do this?

How can I merge the Eudora mailboxes?

Please include the step-by-step procedures on doing it correctly.


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How to combine mailboxes in eudora for my mail accounts?


Hi Rowen Briones Prado,

The best way to merge email accounts in Eudora is by setting up alternate “personalities” for each email you will have.

You can set your Eudora to send and receive email from each account without logging off and restarting Eudora.

This makes checking of mail for all your accounts easier as you can view them all at once.

To do this you use the Personalities window, the New Account Wizard, and the Account Settings dialog box. The Principal email account would always be the one you set up when you install Eudora.

Here is a detailed instruction for it:

  1. Click the Tools menu and then choose Personalities.
  2. It will display two columns of data:
  • Persona- the name assigned to the personality. Where in <Dominant> is your principal email account.
  • Account- The incoming mail assigned to a specific personality.
  1. If you right click a specific  Personality it will show you options of operation a Personality can do.
  • Check mail
  • Send Queued Messages
  • Message
  • New
  • Properties
  • Delete (NOTE: <Dominant> account cannot be deleted)

To add a Personality click on the New to open the New Account Wizard.

Here is a detailed step on creating a New Personality.

  1. Click Tools menu, then choose Personalities.
  2. Right click anywhere in the window a drop down context menu would show.
  3. Choose New.
  4. Choose Create a brand new email account and then click Next.
  5. Type in the name to identify the new Personality.
  6. Then type the email address for the new Personality.
  7. Enter the username and the email credentials (e.g. Incoming email server, type of incoming server and the outgoing server).
  8. Make sure to uncheck Allow authentication box, then click Next.
  9. Click Finish to successfully add new personality.

Eudora can work on the native browser on your computer.

Hope this can help you.

You can also check this PDF EUDORA 7 MANUAL.

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