How to clean Ubuntu unerase disk

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Hi techy. I have Ubuntu machine. My friend telling me so clean the unerase disk in my hard drive.

I don’t have any idea what she tells about.

There is any website that I can link off on how to clean or wipe my Ubuntu unerase disk drive?

I should download some operating system to do such an activity? Please techy help me. Thank you.

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How to clean Ubuntu unerase disk



Uneraser softwares are for recovering deleted data files and folders, also deleted by reformatted partitions. If you need software for recovering, unformat and unerase tool you can visit this website: There are a lot of Recovery Software at that link, you can choose one of them that will be perfect for you. There are freeware and with prices Linux Recovery Softwares. If you want to delete some things like unused space go to this link: install the secure-delete  and see the command functions for the things you need.


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