How to clean Hard drive in Windows 7?Please help

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Hi guys,

My Windows 7 PC is running too slow and hangs whenever I close or open a page or any application in it actually my windows is full of memory and I deleted most of the un useful software from it but still the same problem continues.What should I do to actually make it work fast like before should I consider formatting the system by backing up the important data or clean the hard drive as I found this solution on Google search that cleaning hard drive also works please suggest me what to do and how to clean hard drive as I don;y know how to do it never tried.

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How to clean Hard drive in Windows 7?Please help



The operation you’re trying to perform is risky and helpful as well. First of all, you’re strongly suggested to take backup of your important data in any external hard drive or USB drive.

1. Download DBAN.

2. Use any bootable USB creating tool. I recommend Universal USB Installer.

3. After preparing the bootable USB, boot the USB drive.

4. Follow these steps described here to completely erase your hard drive.

Note that you have to install OS, partitions etc. from the starting.

Hope your grand success.

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How to clean Hard drive in Windows 7?Please help


First things first, complete reinstallation of Windows will also do the trick and you don't need to wipe it first before installing fresh copy of Windows. However, before proceeding for fresh installation, I'd recommend you try few things and see if the problem can be resolved without needing reinstallation:


1. Uninstall any third party suspenseful programs that you use rarely or less frequently. Moreover, always try installing programs from trusted manufacturer such as Microsoft, Google etc.

2. Update your system and drivers to its latest. Go to control panel and find Windows update settings. Moreover, you can set it to install updates automatically as soon as its available. Go to manufacturer websites to check and see if it has any latest updates available for the drivers they had offered you.

3. Last but not least, consider running antimalware tool like MBAM and see if you've any virus/trojan running on your computer.


Hope it sounds helpful!!

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