How to check the PSU slot and graphics adapter

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I generally handle all the software related problems concerned to my PC. But recently, I had a hardware issue, which I never handled. My computer graphics are not working as they were before. I think there is problem with the graphics card.

Please note that I am using AMX graphics adapter. I want to guide me how to check the PSU slot and graphics adapter as there is no one to help me.

Thanks in advance.

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How to check the PSU slot and graphics adapter


Hello Joey

From your question I understand that you want check if your hardware have issues. You can check your PSU and graphic adapter using memtest86. Memtest86 is a free application which checks your memory including graphics and RAM.

Download this zip file: then unzip it. After you unzipped it, burns it to a blank CD with your favourite burner (Nero, Ashampoo, Magic ISO … ).

Restart your PC and in boot options set your CD ROM as primary boot device, save settings and when your PC is restarted again memtest86 will be activated. Run it and let it check your hardware couple of times. If you see a red warning then your hardware has some errors and needs to be replaced.


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How to check the PSU slot and graphics adapter


Hey Joey,

If you want to check what type of graphics adapter your system has without going through the back of your computer’s unit, then you can do so by viewing the display adapter. Follow this simple instruction:

1. Right click on MY COMPUTER


3. Click on HARDWARE tab


5. Click on the + sign next to DISPLAY ADAPTER

This will then display the type of video card your computer has. If you want to check for the drivers, just right click on it and select PROPERTIES, then go to DRIVER tab.

If you wish to manually check your AMX graphics adapter at the back of your unit, you will have to ask for a manual from the store where you bought your unit. Usually, a manual guide for graphics card installation comes when you purchase it separately or through your motherboard manual.

If you suspect that your PSU is also causing some troubles and you want to manually check it, make sure that you are familiar on how to carefully remove the casing of your unit and before doing that, make sure that it is disconnected from the power as well. Usually, you can determine the PSU slot from the back of your system where the fan is located. To make sure you are doing the right thing, it is better for you to check the manual of your system if you are planning to remove or replace your power supply unit.

Hope I was able to help you out.

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