How to change language in Windows XP?

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My sister bought me a laptop from Dubai, its a good i3 computer with high definition graphics card. Everything seems to be perfect. But my problem is the language. Please help. I don't know how to change this to English version. I don't want to buy another operating system just to change the language. I know that there is a better ways.

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How to change language in Windows XP?


Try the following steps below:

1. Download and install the Windows Service Pack with your selected language.

2. Click Start > Run and then type regedit to launch and change the Language Registry key.

3. Expand the following:


4.Ensure that you created a backup of your registry keys before editing your registry. This is to ensure that you can always go back to your previous settings in case you will have a problem with editing the registry. Just click on the File> Export and then save the values on your hard disk drive. If you will be having a problem, you can always restore the default keys by clicking on File> Import and select the keys you just saved.

5. When done with creating a backup, edit the Default and Install Language keys. The default value for Arabic language is xxx. You can change it to 0409 for US English Language.
6. Restart you computer for changes to take effect.
7. Install your selected Windows SP3 language from the location where you downloaded it. If you install this before restarting your PC, you will encounter an error "Cannot install Service Pack 3".
8. When Windows SP3 is successfully installed, restart your computer again.
9. During the restart process, you will be prompted with the choose your language screen.
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How to change language in Windows XP?


Hi Abets,

I have seen your question about how to change default windows XP to English, this is a very simple process, you do not need to buy other operating system, these are the following steps to take:

Go to Start click control panel – Double click regional and language option icon.

Under the language option click on details and a drop box will display all languages including the different versions of English, select the English you need, add the selected language.

Still if you want to set English as a default for a particular user name, under the Regional and Language option click on Advanced, in the drop box click on English language then check the last option that indicates. Apply all settings to the current username and to the default username then click OK.

The last step is to log off and restart your computer, this will enable the changes to effect.

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How to change language in Windows XP?


First, click on the “Start” button. Then click on the “Control Panel” (find the icon with the pen and ticked paper). Next find the image with a calendar and a globe, it should write next to it:” Date/Time, Language and local settings”. After you have clicked it, you should see at the bottom of the page a globe image and next to it should be written the phrase:” Local Settings and languages options”, click on that too.

A new window will be opened, click on the second tab, which should write on it: “Languages”. Click on “Details” button and at the option: “ Default entry language “ choose “English” press ok, close all the windows and then do a restart to set the settings and you are ready.

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How to change language in Windows XP?


Hi Abets,

You can simply change the language on your windows XP computer in a fast and easy way.
You need to locate Open Regional and Language Options in Control Panel of your computer. (To open Regional and Language Options, click Start, click Control Panel, click Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options, and then click Regional and Language Options.)
Then on the Languages tab, under Language used in menus and dialogs, click the language English.
Good Luck.
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How to change language in Windows XP?


Hello Dear,

Thanks for sharing your problem with us.

Dear it is so easy to change language in windows XP.

Just open control panel.

Then click on "Date, Time, Language and Regional options" then a new window will appear choose "Regional and language settings" it will open the new window as this.

Click on Languages then click on details.

It will open this window.

Click on Add button as shown in this picture. Then a small dialog box will open. Choose your desired input language and keyboard layout. Then Click on apply.

It will change your language.


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