TweakUIPowerto Is not a valid Win32 application.

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I am looking out for help in installation of new software. Let me give you my PC details. I have Windows XP SP 3 as my operating system.

I am trying to install TweakUI Power Toy on my Windows XP machine. I got a download package from one of my friend who has successfully installed it on his machine.

Now when I try to install it from the same package, it throws an error message:


C:utilitiesTweakUIPowertoySetup_ia64.exe is not a valid Win32 application.

Am I doing some mistake?

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TweakUIPowerto Is not a valid Win32 application.


You are apparently trying to install "TweakUIPowertoySetup_ia64.exe". The "ia64" in the filename suggests that it is a version of TweakUI for systems using Intel Itanium 64-bit processors.

Your friend apparently has an Itanium-based server for him to be able to install it on his machine.

If you want to install TweakUI powertoy on your PC with Windows XP, you have to get the right version for Windows XP. You can find the download link to TweakUI from this link:

For the direct download follow this link:

You should now be able to install TweakUI on your Windows XP machine. Post back and tell us how it went.

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