How to change a host name

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How do I permanently change the hostname on Solaris?

Is sys-unconfig the way to do this? 

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How to change a host name


Dear Brody George

If you want to change your hostname permanently, even if the server reboots <new_hostname> should stay.

You just need to follow these simple steps,

1: first edit “/etc/nodename”, enter the <new_hostname>
Remember: Replace  the “<new_hostname>” with the name which you want to give your server

2: Then edit “/etc/hosts” and enter the <new_hostname>.

3: Next edit /etc/hostname.<interface_name> and enter the <new_hostname>.
Remember : Replace the “<interface_name>” with the interface name of your servers. Generally that may be e1000g0 or hme0 or bge0. Which depends on your Hardware

4: Finally reboot the server

Hope this will help you.

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How to change a host name



Solaris makes it difficult to change the hostnames. Don’t worry.

I suggest you to follow these steps:

Change the hostname in the following areas,

  • /etc/nodename
  • /etc/hostname.*interface
  • /etc/inet/hosts
  • /etc/inet/ipnodes

Then you have to rename directory under/car/crash

# cd/var/crash

# mv oldname newname

That’s all. Now you have to reboot the server.

With this you can change the hostname on Solaris permanently.

Thanks and regards,

Skarbos Jay.

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