How to change bitrate for the audio of nokia e 52

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I am curious about to change the bitrate of audio for Nokia e52 handset. 

I want the birate to be set at 192 kb/s or even more.

Please suggest me regarding this matter.

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How to change bitrate for the audio of nokia e 52


You can use a variety of tools to change the bitrate of the audio on your Nokia phone. 

Best way is to simply take the mp3 files and change its bitrate using this software:

Download his free software and it will help you change the bitrate to your liking or need. In this way you can enhance the sound quality or reduce size by compressing.

The Mp3 Quality modifier works on 320bit as well as 64-bit windows.

After you have changed the bitrate, you can transfer the file into your Nokia e52 and enjoy audio playback.


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How to change bitrate for the audio of nokia e 52


I think you are referring to the bitrate of audio files like with MP3 files. The standard quality or bitrate for an audio file like an MP3 file is 128 kbps. With this bitrate, you should have a fairly reasonable file size for the MP3 file. When you change the bitrate of an audio file, it affects the size of the file.

As you raise or increase the bitrate, you are also increasing the file size of the music file. The usual bitrates you can use for an audio file are 128 kbps, 160 kbps, 192 kbps, 224 kbps, 256 kbps, and 320 kbps where 320 is the highest and best quality for a music file. But this means a lot bigger file.

If you have MP3 files and you want to change the bitrate like from 128 kbps to 192 kbps, the best way to do it without installing an application is to do it online. Go to Online Audio Converter. It is an online audio conversion website where you can change the quality of your music files from 64 kbps up to 320 kbps.

It offers four major audio qualities: the Economy quality which is 64 kbps, the Standard quality which is 128 kbps, the Good quality which is 192 kbps, and the Best quality which is 320 kbps. It also has an “Advanced settings” option where you can change the sample rate, audio channels, the type of bitrate you want to use (constant or variable), and several other options like fade in, fade out, fast mode, remove the voice, and reverse.

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