Gadget 2012: Mobile Devices Processor

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How are these Mobile devices functionalities and apps upon having high end processors?

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Gadget 2012: Mobile Devices Processor


Hi Stephen,

Now-a-days all the well-known mobile companies are competing with each other to make powerful mobile devices having similar power and performance like PC.

To do so, a high end processor is very essential like a Quad Core Processor in mobile devices. Using such kind of processors will have the following effects:

  • It will have lower power consumption rate as well as higher performance per watt which helps to extend the battery life,
  • It will load web pages faster pages while browsing,
  • It will be able to provide higher performance for demanding applications,
  • It will give the best multi-tasking performance ever,
  • It will ensure higher quality and smooth gaming performance with real-time physics & real-time dynamic texture generation.



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Gadget 2012: Mobile Devices Processor



So you are talking about those latest phone models that are circulating in the market. The progress and or advancement in today’s mobile technology are rapidly happening because of different phone companies that promote their different brand of Smartphones, tablet computers, and other handheld gadgets. The rapid advancement is very good and is also quite drowning since not all people can afford of buying these latest Smartphone models and there are also times that a specific feature is hard to understand.

It’s pretty obvious that when a user buys a Smartphone, for example, his or her only way of learning the device’s functions is by reading and understanding its accompanying user manual. And there are times that even if you read a certain instruction on a specific command or feature, it is still hard to comprehend. Because of this, other users tend to simply ignore these features and thus not using the phone at its full capacity. Newer models now feature not only very fast processor but extremely fast chip and graphics accelerator that will allow you to watch online videos and edit videos stored on the phone. Before, touchscreen is only an imaginary thing that usually can only be seen on movies but now they are already available to be enjoyed by many.

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