How can I remove this Folder?

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I am facing a serious problem with my Computer. There is a folder in every drive called – AUTORUN.INF. To remove this folder I have used many anti viruses like – Norton, Avast, ESET Smart Security 4 and Bit Defender. But still I can’t remove this folder. Even I have reinstalled my windows XP in system and nothing is happen to it. Now how can I remove this folder?

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How can I remove this Folder?


You can remove this virus from your USB. Just follow the given instruction to do so.

  • Attach USB drives with your computer, a window dialogue may appear, just choose ‘Cancel’.
  • Open command prompt and type the letter of the USB drive.
  • Type dir /w/a then press enter. It will show a list of the files in flash drive.
  • If you find the files: New Folder.exe, Ravmon.exe, svchost.exe,, kavo.exe or autorun.inf just remove them.

You can easily delete them by just typing ‘del’ and the filename example. F:del autorun.inf and press enter. To make sure that all the viruses are deleted successfully, just run an antivirus scan on USB drives.

If there are viruses on your hard drive, you can also delete such type of viruses from your hard drive. Follow the given instructions to remove them from the computer. Just restart your system and press F8 to select safe mode and then open a command prompt.



Delete the following files:



autorun.inf files in all drives like C, D,F,G.

Then you have to open the registry editor to delete following parameters:


DisableTaskMgr = 1


NoFolderOptions = 1


"Worms" = "%System%logon.bat"

Now restart your computer. Hopefully no more viruses there will be left.

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How can I remove this Folder?


Hi , 

actually when you remove this file , it will be recreated by the virus, this issue is related to the events of the Windows Explorer so in order to remove it you need to follow these steps : 

first close all opened windows , then open cmd.exe , the command line prompt ,



F:attrib -s -r -h *.*

this will make any virus on your system visible then you will need to delete them too, 


F:del autorun.inf 

you need to remove the exe files as quickly as possible in order to remove the virus, otherwise the file will recreate the autorun.inf files again

hope this helps!!

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How can I remove this Folder?


When you put a pen drive, is the file also go automatically in it?? If it does it is absolutely a auto ran virus. you have the final solution you have to format the hole HDD but that is final so try for that later. First try with a anti-virus that has to buy.

I think you try with a free anti-virus. Before formatting your HDD copy all the file to another HDD or external HDD. Than install windows again, the file no way can exists anymore. Another thing is that if the file is not creating any problem so just relax.

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How can I remove this Folder?


The answer given by jehova was right all the best

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How can I remove this Folder?



It will be a serious problem if you don't know how to remove this folder. I was faced this problem sometimes  before but I solved it myself by finding a way. So here I am telling you this process. Though it is very easy, you must do that to solve your problem. So do the following-

1. Uninstall your 'Anti Virus Software' and then restart your computer safely.

2. Right click the 'My Computer' icon from your desktop screen and click to 'open' to view your drives.

3. Using folder option you need to open each drives and delete the AUTORUN.INF folder where it  exists.

4. Finally deleting this folder you need to restart your computer once again.

Hope this helps you.

Good Luck.


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How can I remove this Folder?


I have the same problem and I am very thankful to Lisaka , for the solution of the problem.

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