How can i remove the error of internet explorer?

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I have windows XP SP2 operating system on my computer, Internet Explorer 7 as web browser.

The problem is that whenever I try to access "Google Maps" website, it shows me a small box with a error message on my desktop screen stating;

Stack overflow at line: 0

Can anybody know about this issue?

Kindly help me out to resolve the above issue.

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How can i remove the error of internet explorer?



This kind of problem/error occurs only when the java application fails to run a script. However downloading java plugins is always not a resolution because the registry on the computer itself might be preventing the application from being executed, so it is advisable that you try to scan the registry on your system.

one thing you can do is turn off the "Disable Script Debugging" option inside your Internet Explorer 7 and can start debugging with Visual Studio if you have installed on your system.

or it doesn't work, try with below instructions, it may help you:

1. Try to temporarily disable or uninstall all Anti-Virus firewalls programs on your system. Especially, if you are using Norton's Anti-Spam software on your system.

2. Then try to run Internet Explorer 7 with No Add-ons on your pc.

3. Then try to reset your Internet Explorer 7 browser.

And check out whether you still face the problem again on your system.

Hope you'll find yourself relieved after this.

Please let me know if it still happens.


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How can i remove the error of internet explorer?



For this error : Stack overflow at line: 0  , You will need   a Script debugging that i will explain . You use Internet Explorer , so follow these instructions in your browser :

Tools > Internet Options > Advanced and then , you will find a list of options to check and uncheck , # Check the "Disable script debugging"  then # Uncheck "Display a notification about every script error". OR you can even click on reset .
Hope it was clear for you and the problem is solved . the problem doesn't come from your PC , it comes actually from  a JavaScript error related to the site you visit .


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