Security certificate error connecting to the Internet

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Hi there,

This morning when I have opened my PC this error appeared and it still appears every time I open my PC. I have checked my Time and Date and is up to date. Any solution ? Does anyone have any idea about this error that I have ?

Thank you !

Security Certificate Error

An error occurred during a connection to because it uses an invalid security certificate.

There is a name mismatch. The certificate belongs to

The certificate is not trusted.

The certificate has expired on 07/11/2006 05:36 AM

Possible reasons for this error:

SeaMonkey does not trust the Certificate Authority that issued that presented certificate.

The server operating uses an invalid configuration.

You are connected to a site pretending to be possibly to intercept your communication and obtain your confidential information.

Your computer’s time is incorrect. It is currently set to 10/16/2006 11:46 PM.

Before accepting this certificate, you should examine the certificate carefully. Are you willing to accept the certificate for the purpose of identifying

Accept this certificate permanently

Accept this certificate temporally for this session

If you suspect the presented certificate does not belong to please cancel the connection.

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Security certificate error connecting to the Internet

If this screen appears just after the computer has started up, this is a kind of spam that you should remove ASAP. If this message appears when you go to internet, this is a safety message to warn you about a possible harmful site.
In the first case, I suggest to perform A system Restoration, this is, for XP and windows 7 , to go back in time some days to delete anything that could have been installed and is producing this error every time you start up the PC.None of your personal information is going to be deleted, just the software installed or updates installed during the days you go back in time to perform the process.
If you have windows 7 or XP, please go to start > all programs > accessories > system tools > system restore.
You will get into a screen where you have to choose another restore point, click on next, then on show other restorations points, choose a point enough to cover the days when you first saw the error message, for example a week ago.
Click next and the process will initiate and ant the end the computer will restart up and hopefully the error will disappear.
In the second case, it would be better if you block that site using the internet options.

Hope this helps


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