How can I recover my files after experiencing blueScreenOfDeath?

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Ok, so here it is, I was doing some project using sharp develop (OS windows XP) when all of the sudden while I was compiling the program, it pause for a bit, I thought it was just normal for sharp dev to pause but after almost a minute blue screen appears. I badly need my files for my project to be passed on Friday, help anyone?

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How can I recover my files after experiencing blueScreenOfDeath?



I hope I found the right answer or solution, just try it.

1. Go to bios press alt+d alt+e alt+f so you make sure your drivers are set-up good in bios.
Your pc will reboot itself and probably keep rebooting.

2. Now go to your bios again and go to a option called Boot. Now make sure CD/DVD ROM Is on number one.

3. Now put your Windows XP CD in the computer and at reboot the computer. At some point it will say ''Start computer from the cd?'' Hit a key. do it.

4. You'll now end up in the CD setup. First off we'll repair the computer by pressing R. Let it go through do anything it says till you come to a black screen where you can type stuff. type in Exit and Hit enter.

5. Now your pc will reboot again and start the cd again by pressing a key when it tells you to.
Now your back at the setup. We'll now install windows XP back onto your computer.
Hit enter. Press F 8 to agree the terms. Now it'll ask for a installation. Don't pick the fast one.
Hit enter. Now it'll install windows XP this might take a while.

6. It'll reboot itself.
Note : Don't press anything or else you'll break it up.
If everything done right you'll probably see the windows XP loading screen working.
Now you see a screen coming up from the installing its will give you a circa. time of waiting till its done.
Sometimes you have to click next/ok etc in the setup.

7. Once done Your pc will start up itself and everything works as it should work.

Teodora Skil

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How can I recover my files after experiencing blueScreenOfDeath?


1. Insert the Recovery/Install DVD into the computer
2. Boot off of the DVD. When you first start your computer, the first screen you see should give you the key combination to press to enter a 'multi-boot' menu. On Dell's this key is F12 but it varies by each manufacturer. Once you find it and are at the multiboot menu, choose to boot of CD/DVD
3. When prompted (after it has booted to the CD/DVD) choose "repair my computer" and enter the command prompt
4. Type C: (with colon) and press enter
5. Then type cd c:windowswinsys and press enter
6. Then type del pending.xml and press enter
7. Restart your computer

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