What is SpectorPro Program on Windows

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I have Windows XP and I noticed a program SpectorPro installed in it. What is this program?

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What is SpectorPro Program on Windows


Hello Alan,

SpectorPro is a monitoring program for recording activity of a computer user.

Main functions of the program:

– Screen captures (recording screen capture every 30 seconds)

– Recording all keystrokes including login and passwords even with hidden characters

– Recording chat sessions in instant messaging programs

– Recording all sent and received e-mails including attachments

– Recording activity on social sites

– Recording online searches, browsing history and time


In simple words, it can monitor and record every running application or program on the system.


Mostly, it is used in these three cases:

 – Parents monitoring children,

 – Employers monitoring employees,

 – Monitoring own computer because of security.


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What is SpectorPro Program on Windows


Hello Dear,

This is third party software that monitors the activity of your personal computer. Don’t worry too much. This is trustful software and also may prove useful to you. Here I’m adding some features of it:

1. Capture the keystroke that you are typing

2. Includes chat/IM’s message recording

3. Record every received and sent mail

4. The website that you are visiting

5. The search topic that are using in search box in web browser

6. The programs you are opened

7. Multimedia that are playing in your absence

You can also download this software from https://www.veriato.com/??utm_source=ss&utm_medium=redirect&utm_campaign=ssredirect

For your further use

Thanks for having your time

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