How can i make sure that my e-mail is secured?

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1) My concern about E-mail is the privacy of the user because there are a lot of intruders nowadays. Is it really safe to use E-mail as a way of communication if the messages are private or controversial?

2) How can an E-mail address owner be sure that his/her Inbox is secure enough?

3) If ever the email address owner has been in travel and there is no way that he or she could know what is happening in his/her e-mail address. Is there any way that an E-mail address owner will be notified in case there is someone who tries to access e-mail unauthorizedly?

4) Is there any way to receive all your e-mail messages directly to your phone without opening your e-mail address?

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How can i make sure that my e-mail is secured?


1. Unfortunately there is a risk in every medium except the old snail mail. Govt. Can monitor emails if they wish and intruders are there too.

2. Your email provider tries their best to secure your emails. You can do the further to keep emails safe-

I> Change your password regularly.

II> Clear cookies and history every time you log out. You can use CCleaner to do so.

III> Don't click any suspicious links.

IV> Don't download suspicious attachments.

3. Sorry to say that email providers don't provide this service yet. if some third party company provides, it will be wise decision not to use them.

4. Yes, you can. This service is called push mail. It is available on all Smartphones and on some Java phones too. Check your phone to set it up.

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How can i make sure that my e-mail is secured?


An email account security mainly depends on two things: 1. User and user password 2. Email provider for example : Gmail “email from Google” User and user password: A user need keep the password in private and also make the password string to create a strong password you have to give the upper case and lower case any number mix of many things like “.” , ”,” ,”/”. 

Do not save the password in any browser when you enter your password in your page to sign in most of the time browser weather you want to save the password or not so you don’t have to enter in the future. An intruder can modify the password easily from there. On the other hand the famous email provider is more secure from the non famous email provider. I recommended you to create email account from the Gmail.

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How can i make sure that my e-mail is secured?


Hi Jessica,

To ensure that your email is secured to have to use strong passwords that cannot be easily guessed by a person who may have an intention of accessing your email unauthorized. A strong password should have a mixture of letters, numbers and alphanumeric characters. It is a good practice for you to be changing your password frequently like on a monthly basis. This limits the tricks of an intruder who may be snooping around you to get your password.

Other security mechanisms that have lately emerged are the use of fingerprints and secret PINs that you use together with the email. With those three, it will be hard for someone to know all of them at once unless you expose them. So you can try using them for your email safety.

Hope this helps,


Lee Hung

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