How can I possibly change winamp smiley skins?

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Hello fellows,

How can I possibly change Winamp smiley skins? There are some instances that we need to customize or change the application environment using some themes and skins. In my case I want to change the Winamp smiley skins, but how will I be going to apply those?


Regards, Jayden Horribol.

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How can I possibly change winamp smiley skins?


Hi Jayden Horribol, you wanted to know how to change winamp smiley skins. Please follow the below. 


Skins is on the Top level. There is available skins in Winamp. Please click the change folder where skins are located.  You can also rename the skin and uninstall the selected skin.  You can go to online to get new skin. So no problem to change Winamp skin. Open Winamp and try to change.

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How can I possibly change winamp smiley skins?


Hello Mr.Jayden.

You can follow the steps given below to change it:

1.Click 'Color selection box'.It is on the right .You can change every options according to your own desire.

2.Your changes depend on your current skin and themes.Make the highlight color.This will blend more and adjust the background.

3.After selection,try to use the same color.

Note:Changes will not be applied to main list.

For more information,you can visit-

Thank you for your question.




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How can I possibly change winamp smiley skins?


If you are referring to Winamp skins, they can be downloaded from different websites. But before you download, make sure you have the latest Winamp. Download the latest and last version of Winamp. It runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 and it should work perfectly on Windows 8.x and Windows 10.

Winamp is designed to run on Microsoft Windows only and has not been ported to any platforms or operating systems since the first version was released. To get the latest, go to Winamp 5.666. This is the latest and last version at the moment after it was discontinued.

After a change of ownership, the Winamp website is still up and running but no new version was released since 2014. According to, a leaked version of Winamp 5.8 is getting its round on the internet. Because of this, they decided to make this new version available to the public with a little revision from the developer of Winamp itself.

They recommend that users download the version from the Winamp website to make sure you are downloading a safe and unmodified version. They also said that this version is not an ongoing project but assures users that they are working on a future new Winamp. To get this latest beta version, download Winamp 5.8 Beta. Now, for the skins, go to Winamp Skins on Heritage.

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