How can I overcome my laptop battery problems

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It is just two years to buy LG laptop. After 1.5 years it become too many time to charge the battery. I am replacing the battery through the service center. Now again this problem arises.

How can I increase my battery life?

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How can I overcome my laptop battery problems


Hi Ayswaria,

Most of the people having problems or frustrate on how to extent their laptop battery life. You may not know where it happens, just take these following steps to make sure it would last longer.

Click "Start" menu and select "Control Panel" Power Options" and click on the "Power Schemes" tab. Just in case of idle you computer will save power for standby.

Uninstall your wireless card especially if you not aware of it, did you know that this device will continue searching network. This uses a great deal of battery life.

Check unnecessary programs and make sure it's out. You can do this by clicking on the programs in the task bar, by right clicking on the program, and selecting "Close" or by hitting "CTRL+ALT+DEL" and ending unnecessary tasks.

Minimize the programs that run at startup. You may not be aware that these programs are running in the background. Go to the "Start" menu, and click on "Run." Type in "msconfig" and click "OK." Click on the "Startup" tab and choose which program you want to run at startup and which programs to uncheck.

Make sure it is empty when you charge a battery. Don't left it plugged all the time.

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How can I overcome my laptop battery problems


Hi Ayswaria,

In keeping your laptop’s battery going for a long period of time, you have to do the following:

Dim your laptop’s screen.
Adjusting the brightness of your screen to the lowest possible level that your eyes can tolerate is of big help in increasing your battery life.

Defrag your laptop regularly.
Defragment your laptop on a regular basis helps arrange data that makes your hard drive work less in accessing date. The fewer load that you put on the hard drive the longer your battery life goes.

Minimize program running in the background

Cutting down programs that is not of great use is helpful when you are using your laptop’s battery.

Keep you battery contacts clean

Keeping the transfer of power of your battery clean, ones every 2 – 3 of months will make your battery’s life last longer.

Take good care of your battery

Do not leave your charged battery unused for a long time. You should at least use it ones every two (2) weeks to prevent it from wearing out. If you are using a Li-on battery, do not completely discharge its power.

Clean out your laptop’s air vents

Keeping your laptop’s air vents clean with a keyboard cleaner at all time makes your laptop temperature down, making your system operates more powerfully and gives less demands on your battery.

Lower your graphics use

Changing your screen resolution and turning off graphic drivers will help you use your battery longer.

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How can I overcome my laptop battery problems


The battery life of any device whether it is a computer or a smartphone depends on how much you use these devices. Some applications and functions on the computer can also drain the battery.

If you use your computer to play games and use other processor-hungry applications, you can bet that the battery life will be shorter. It is also known that the more you charge your computer, the shorter the battery life will get.

There are also other factors that will make you recharge your computer more often. One of these factors is the use of wireless connectivity or 3G connection to the Internet. If you use Wi-Fi or 3G connection, then having a shorter battery life is inevitable. Use your laptop as you use your desktop by having it connected to power most of the time to save some battery.

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How can I overcome my laptop battery problems


Hi Ayswaria,

Here is a guide on how to make your laptop’s battery working for a period of time:

Diffuse the brightness of your laptop’s screen – the brilliance of your laptop plays a big impact when it comes to battery consumption. It would be better to adjust the brightness of your screen in such a way that is tolerable to your eyes. The lower the brightness of you screen is the little amount of your battery will be consumed.

Defrag your laptop on a regular basis – this will make you access your hard drive’s data faster, which means that you will be using a fewer load that would result to a longer battery life.

Minimize opening unnecessary programs in the background – closing program that are of less use is supportive when you are on battery mode.

Keep the contacts of your battery clean – cleaning the transfer of power of your battery every 2 – 3 months will make a big blow on the durability of your battery.

Take extra care of your battery – make it a habit to use your battery in ones every two weeks so that it would not wear out easily. Never leave your battery inactive for a long period of time. It would be better if you will not ooze-out all your battery power completely if you are using a Li-on battery.

Keep your laptop’s temperature down – to obtain a cool temperature on your laptop you should clean its air vents regularly. In that manner, it will make your laptop’s system operate smoothly that would give a fewer claim on your battery.

Lessen your graphics – putting off your graphic drivers and adjusting your screen resolution will make little power discharge on your battery.

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