How can I get “formal arabic letter template” ?

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From a few days ago, I am looking for a job in the Middle East.

For that reason, I have to submit my resume to the company and it should be in "formal Arabic letter". But I didn't get it anywhere. It creates some problem to get the job. Without "formal Arabic letter template", it is not possible to get the job.

So, can anyone suggest me how can I get "formal Arabic letter template"? It is very urgent.

Thanks to all.

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How can I get “formal arabic letter template” ?


Is your resume in a Microsoft Word file or something similar?

If yes then you can just use online translators like Google Translate. It's easy to use, just copy the text from your file paste it on the box, choose the language to translate it to, click translate, copy the translated document back to your file, do a little editing and you're done.

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How can I get “formal arabic letter template” ?


Hi John,

To write a formal letter, it is always best to follow the general rules or follow the format of writing a formal letter. Basically a blocked type formal letter is mostly used in job applications and business letters.

Below is a guide on how to write a formal letter. 

write a formal letter.

HEADING consist your address but don't include your name. Don’t add your email address or your telephone number here.

INSIDE ADDRESS is for the person that you are writing to. In a formal letter, it should be addressed to a specific person otherwise the name of the business. From the HEADING this is located four lines below.

SALUTATION: the most usual greeting is Dear [NAME], but if you don’t know whether the person is a man or a woman as "Dear Sir or Madam".

BODY: Here you need to present your letter properly.

CLOSING and SIGNATURE: this is the end of your letter and your closing might probably be “Yours sincerely,” then on the next line or several lines you add your signature. It is advised that you should have a handwritten signature inserted between your closing and your typed signature. Your handwritten signature should be written in ink.

Now once you have a formal letter you can now have the option to either translate it using Google Translate or better yet download an ARABIC FONT so you can immediately write a formal Arabic letter without having to translate it. You can download the fonts from either of the sites below or you can search for it in any web browsers.

Foreign look > Arabic

Free fonts tagged arabic

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