How can I find a lost galaxy S3?

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My mom lost her Galaxy S3 Android Ice Cream Sandwich with IMEI Number 5968******4236.  I registered a Samsung account in Samsung Dive and enabled it. I went to their website, but the range is too large to exactly pinpoint where the phone is. 

Can I contact my service provider to find a lost Galaxy S3 so that they can triangulate the signal of the phone and pinpoint the exact location?

Find lost galaxy s3 would be of great help if anyone suggests some ways.

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How can I find a lost galaxy S3?


Hi John,

You are facing a serious issue here – theft. The first thing I recommend you to do is to call your local police station and report theft.

As you said yourself, Samsung Dive should pinpoint phone's exact location with GPS. But there's a hidden trick more here. The phone could be in a place where GPS signal is just too weak to pinpoint exact phone location. Regardless, you should be trying again, maybe the thief is moving with the phone.

To answer your question directly, yes. You must contact your service provider and tell them about the theft. They will try to pinpoint the exact location of the phone through mobile data network.

To further ensure that you will recover your mom's stolen phone, visit this site and read given instructions carefully.

I hope that you will recover a stolen phone.

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