How can I extend the battery life of my iPhone and iPad?

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I have a very long commute, so entertainment is a must. However, I find that both my iPhone and my iPad often run out of battery very fast.

Is there a way to make the batteries last longer? 

I have seen people use an array of external batteries. Are they worth it? 

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How can I extend the battery life of my iPhone and iPad?



There are many causes that your iPhone and iPad’s battery life.

Make sure that the following things are alright.

Turn off “Background Refresh” to reserve battery life. This keeps the device alive and eats battery charge. Go to Settings >> General >> Background App Refresh. Turn it off, and see the result.

You can turn your screen brightness to a lower level, disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Use the power saving standby mode.

Update your device OS. Go to Settings >> General >> Software Update.

In some case, if the battery becomes old enough, it can’t bear as many charge as it could before so, replacing the old battery is helpful. Buy a new battery and replace with the older one.

There are many ways described here.

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