What is all about free wow dns?

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Hi to everyone,

What is all about free wow dns? (WOW) or world of warcraft is one of the most popular game in the world of internet and technology nowadays but I really don’t understand how related (DNS) or domain name system to WOW. I just need to get some idea and opinion from all the gamers here in techyv.

Thank you.


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What is all about free wow dns?


Hi Debra,
Recently, the players of world of warcraft can’t connect to the game even to its website. They guess it is due to the amiss to the DNS (Domain Name System) or software that translates worldofwarcraft.com into numbers in which computers can understand and use. And with the use of other DNS server, spoofing on the internet sites in very easy where other people can steal your login info including financial information and social security number.
Hope this information helps you to understand their relation.

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