How can I detect this avast rootkit?

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Hello fellows,

How can I detect this avast rootkit? I am using avast as my recent antivirus I’ve been using it for almost two months and it was working fine, but lately my computer registry system is slowing down because of the rootkit which is a malicious software that hides some processes that slows down my PC. I need some solution regarding this problem.


Debra Carter.

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How can I detect this avast rootkit?


Dear user,

I have done a research on the internet and I have found that you can remove this rootkit by Gromozon Rootkit Removal Tool (Avast Rootkit Removal) Security Information. You can also try Kaspersky's free rootkit removal tool. Avast will no longer alert you of any rootkit if you use one of this software. You can now run an Avast full system scan.

Hope this will help you.

Thank you.

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How can I detect this avast rootkit?


Hi Debra,
The best tools to detect this avast rootkit are as follows:
A) Sophos Anti-Rootkit
1) It has a easy to use interface with easy to scan options
2) It provides with interface which lists the results of the scan and recommendations
3) A help file provides details and gives directions on how to use the command line anti-rootkit
4) It is helpful to keep updated about the modern threats tested by the user

B) Prevx Free
1) It is a free version of Prevx that offers real time detection of full version
2) It is a powerful antivirus software for detecting the infections in the system
3) It can run customized scans from the context menu and ability to schedule scans
4) It offers protection of stored cookies and saved credentials
5) It protects against keyloggers, cookie stealers for various websites

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