How can I combine three networks into one network?

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I have three networks, using the following network id:, and

Now I want to combine the networks, into a single network. Also if I combine the networks into a single network then what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Please inform me the details.

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How can I combine three networks into one network?


Are you referring to the router as your network? Routers with different IP addresses assigned?

This is a complicated setup.  It involves configuring the router, assigning a static IP, so that there is no conflict with the devices connected.

Connection would depend on how many computers you have and what type of modem you are using.  For the modem, are you using a stand alone modem or a modem/router?  If you are using a stand alone modem, it will only have 1 port for the computer to connect or other devices to connect, this is labeled as Ethernet.  If you are using a modem/router, it will have 4 Ethernet ports.

How many devices/computers do you have connected (wired and wireless computers)? What type of modem was provided to you by your Internet Service Provider?

If you have a Stand Alone DSL, your setup would be Modem's Ethernet slot connected to 1st router's Internet slot.  Router's 1st Ethernet slot goes to your 2nd router and the 2nd Ethernet slot goes to your 3rd router.  Now you have Modem>>Router>>Router and Router.  You can connect your computers or devices to the vacant slot of your router.  Power cycle.  It is vital that you turn on the modem FIRST, and then the next device connected which is the 1st router, and then the next 2 routers and then the computers.

You can also turn your router to a switch by configuring your router to bridge mode.

The only disadvantage I see if you have a huge network, is that when the middle device goes down, a lot of devices get affected.

Advantages, you will be able to monitor any computer that is on the same network.

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How can I combine three networks into one network?


Hi Mahin,

Looking at your IPs, the computers are already in a single network, if I am not wrong. Maybe what is differing is the Domain Name Service or the Gateway. So could you try checking those and ensure that they are the same on all three computers. Also make sure that the subnet mask is same for all the three.

But if you find problems using a network that requires configured settings, you can try using the Dynamic Host Control Protocol. Just set the network property settings in the network panel to DHCP, and you will be successfully able to use the network without the need for the settings.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung.

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How can I combine three networks into one network?



Yes, you can combine the three networks into one network using the Router.  First you must set-up the router in the physical connectivity on network interconnection and you need to install the cabling infrastructure on the device to interconnection into physical layout. You will, while creating an IP addresses, make sure that the gateway must be assigned in order.

Go to the TCP/IP properties to set the local host name and set the domain name, that allows you to enter the DNS domain to determine or qualify domain name for a host. The advantage and disadvantages of combining the three networks into one network is, that one can control the unit or sharing the files with each other and disadvantage is that one can transfer huge files or data to your computer.

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