How can I be safe from intruders?

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Hi Guys,

I am in trouble and need urgent help. I am using Windows 7 registered version from Microsoft Using Genuine Key. With It i am also using Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 this is also registered version and Antivirus both are fully updated. My Computer Firewall is on. But today 1 intruder challenge  me that I can steal a password at Skype.

And after some time he changed password of my Skype and tell me my original password also send me screenshot of my computer. I am very strange how this is possible i think i am secure but now i am worried. Please any one tell me how this attack is done and how can i become fully safe from these intruders.

Also tell me.

Can intruders see https sites passwords or not?


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How can I be safe from intruders?



This is the problem in your security while I think the antivirus are used only for the protection of the windows but the problem with your system is that there is a software running inside your computer which send screenshots every second to that person and in this way he accessed your Skype because these software send the screenshots and also the key stroke in every second in this way some computer get modified it this is the problem then you need to re-install your window and check whether this problem has removed or not.

If not then you have to purchase the security version antivirus instead of download because in  downloaded antivirus the protection is very small but in purchased version security is very high so no need to worry about that.

Hope this solution will help you getting out of this problem..


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How can I be safe from intruders?


It is important to take basic actions to secure your computer. When creating your user account, use strong password, remember to change your passwords regularly, and do not share them to anyone. Install Anti-virus and anti-Adware software and keep them up-to-date.  

Also, make sure you run anti-virus/Adware scan on your computer regularly. It is hard for intruders to access passwords on HTTPS sites. HTTPS enables the browser to use an additional encryption layer to protect the traffic. It creates a secure channel through an insecure network. This provides protection from man-in-the-middle attack and eavesdroppers.


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How can I be safe from intruders?



It is important to note that your computers must be properly configured and updated. You also have to ensure that it is secured from most common types of intruders’ activities that may put your identity at risk. You may try using Triple Defense Firewall (Security Suite Solutions) – which gives total protection of your computer from intruders and spyware – including the OS.

The Anti-virus software and spyware installed in your computer must be updated and run on regular basis It is also recommended to always be aware of the sites that you are visiting especially those with tons of pop ups and banners since these are the sites that will most likely infect your computer. With regards to the screenshots, most likely a program has been automatically run in your pc that automatically grabs a screenshot from your pc.

Cyber attacks like your Skype account and password that has been accessed could have been made through CMD or patches created that gets into your account and in either ways, passwords are identified or recovered.

I hope that this shed light to your questions.

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How can I be safe from intruders?


Hi. You are using Windows 7 and Kaspersky Internet Security.

There are kinds of invasion and these are: Keylogger, IP Address, Pen Drive and etc.

You can avoid this by not opening mail Zip file, Do not open pen drive without scanning, do not sign up on any unknown website.


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How can I be safe from intruders?


I accidentally bumped to this thread and I found that this is very helpful!

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