How can I avoid fake antiviruses?

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One time I got a popup warning me that a virus had infected my computer, and I needed to download an anti-virus to eliminate it. I did so, and later discovered it was a FAKE security tool that really messed things up. How can I avoid fake antivirus programs in the future?

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How can I avoid fake antiviruses?


Hi Job,

It is so simple. Just ensure that you buy your antivirus from an authorized distributor of genuine antivirus products. Also try to avoid some freeware, though some are not bad but some come with viruses and other malware embedded. For the pop ups, avoid them totally because they are never meant for anything good. You will end up installing malware on your system that will end up crashing it, and it going to cost you a lot to repair. Block all pop ups that you suspect are meant to cause harm.

Hope this helps.


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How can I avoid fake antiviruses?


Hello friend,

It's basically trojan who generates fake virus programs and alerts. This usually happens when you visit an adult website, open a pop up advertisement or due to your email attachment. All you need to do to avoid these harmful programs attacking your PC is to keep a licensed updated antivirus software and if you surf internet everyday do scan your PC once in a day or at least once in 2 days. Never open any pop ups and also email attachment unless you are sure that they are from a reliable source. Follow these instructions and that's it you're done.


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How can I avoid fake antiviruses?


Hello Jobhelle03,

There are so many fake anti-viruses on the internet and sincerely there is no definite formula for determining such fake malware, all you have to use is common sense, Nevertheless i have some tips for you on how to avoid them;

-Avoid clicking on pop-ups that advertise anti-viruses.

-Never open to read emails from untrusted sources especially those found in the spam folder.

-Care should be taken when downloading freeware, make sure you entirely trust the site.

-In case a virus alert window appears, never close it directly with your mouse, instead press Ctrl + Alt + Del. a dialog box in which all currently running programs are listed will appear. look for the virus alert program from the list and then close it.

-Always download trusted anti-viruses such as, -comodo firewall, AVG, spyware terminator, Noscript Lastpas, WOT, and so many others.

-Finally always make sure you have your security settings upgrade to 'High security' also end ever to always update your trusted anti-virus. 


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