Getting 2-step verification codes without Signing-in.

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I have registered my Gmail Account with 2-step Verification. It sends the code onto my Mobile everytime I want to sign in to my Gmail Account but some strange things are happening to me from past 3 days. I am not Signing-in to my account but still I am getting Gmail 2-step Verification codes on my Mobile. What is the method to resolve this issue?

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Getting 2-step verification codes without Signing-in.


I’m sure you are aware that password hacking on email accounts is already an ordinary thing nowadays. That’s why you need to make it a habit to change your password at least every month or maybe once every 2 months to make sure your account is secured. I myself am a victim of password hacking with my Yahoo! account.

I have several Yahoo! accounts before and I make sure to log in to each account [the ones I rarely used] at least once a month to keep them active. One thing I noticed with my other account was the user activity. I noticed that my account has login history from one country instead of only my country which is unusual since I’m not using and I don’t remember using any VPN that time.

The person who used my account logged in twice in different occasions. Since I have several email accounts, I decided to just delete that account so it can’t be used again and before I delete the account I changed its password so there is no way it can be recovered by the hacker.

If you received mobile notifications though you haven’t logged in to your email account, you should change your password to secure your account. The verification codes you received means there is someone who is trying to login to your email account but failed. Before the hacker can uncover your password, change your password immediately.

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Getting 2-step verification codes without Signing-in.


Hello, How are you? You should maintain the following procedure to resolve the problem:

Step 1 : Go to setting option.

Step 2 : Click on “Applications” Option.

Step 3 : Click on “Manage Applications”

Step 4 : Click on the “app”

Step 5 : Finally click on “uninstall”.

Second Method : To resolve the problem you should close the mail app and restart your phone.

That is exactly it. Learn more.

Moreen Jamnelly.

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