How to Avoid Web Scams and Spam Scams?

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Hi Experts!

I am encountering a big problem so I want to ask for an advice on how I can avoid becoming a victim of Web and Spam Scam? I am frustrated and overwhelmed with this. So please, how can I identify theft and how to avoid them? Please help.

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How to Avoid Web Scams and Spam Scams?


Hi Mdarifsadik,

Ensure that you protect your private and confidential information in your daily usage of the internet. Before you enter lotteries or other activities online where you are promised to be given money, ensure you do a thorough cross checking to ensure that indeed it is a genuine deal. Refrain from activities where you are asked to send money so that you can be given a certain prize or money in a lottery that you did not even enroll to participate.

Block spam messages in your email account, there is a security feature in every email account that allows you to block spam. Change your passwords frequently.

Hope this helps.



Lee Hung.

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How to Avoid Web Scams and Spam Scams?


The best way to avoid Web Scam and Spam Scam is to not subscribed to these type of scheme on the Internet. Mind something else and stay away from these so-called gamers, not to respond any email not known to you.

Do online by way of browsing and access website that is trustful. Social networking also is one of them but you'll need to familiarized yourself of these Spam and Web scam.

Web Scam or Spa Scam ask MONEY, try to sell you something and it requires credit card or business transactions. It also promised you high pay-days if you subscribed to them. It offers you not realistic amount of cash, you'll only get this cash price only if you send them the information they're asking for you. They ask first before they give.

If they promised something then you need to think it twice before welcoming the idea to communicate to them.

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