How to Avoid Internet Frauds?

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Hi Experts! Here is another question that is very alarming to me. How can I avoid Internet Fraud? I like going to online store with auctions and biddings. So I want to know the correct procedures on avoiding Frauds. What is the correct payment method to use and what sites are known for being a Internet Fraud? Thanks.

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How to Avoid Internet Frauds?


Here is the tip on how to avoid internet frauds.

You must now really the company/ person that you contact with.
Use you internet connectivity to look for the company / person history. You can find a lot of information through the internet.
Do not give your important detail like credit card number. Give your credit card # only if you want to purchase.
It’s most safe if you’re making a business deal to a business than to individual.
Avoid downloading any program which you are unfamiliar. Because it may bring your computer to a damage or destroy your files.
Lastly do not trust to anyone that you don’t really know well.

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How to Avoid Internet Frauds?


Internet fraud is consider a crime by many states and countries. You will get jailed if you commit Internet fraud online.

This type of crime uses computer and Internet to transact online. It'll require credit cards and promise big amount of money. The easiest way to identify Internet fraud is when they ask something before giving.

So, you better be careful when doing online transactions that requires money.

Tips to avoid Cyber crime, or Internet fraud
Do transact to company that you know and trust worthy
Do Google the information or make use of the Internet.
Research the website if it's valid or not, mostly you'll get results and it gives information if it's fraud or not.
Check for Ratings, comments, feedbacks. Be careful, good ratings means nothing if the website is scam.
Do not give out SSN and other credit card information
Avoid installing pirated software and other features that needed installation
Avoid online transaction if it involved money

Install Security software for better protection and lastly, pay only through credit cards co'z this can be disputed when something is wrong.

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How to Avoid Internet Frauds?


Hi Mdarifsadik,

To avoid internet Frauds, ensure that you guard your information on the internet against unauthorized transmission and access. Do not seamlessly give out your email address, your passwords, your names, your credit card information and other information that a intruder may use to get to you. To not subscribe or register to sites that you do not have a clue what they do (because you may be giving your information to people who have the intention of doing harm to you).

Ensure that you protect confidential information like bank account information from being carelessly transmitted online. Update your passwords frequently to protect your accounts from intruders and fraudsters.

Hope this helps.



Lee Hung.

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