How aol filter email bulk?

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My email client is aol and I am receiving huge amount of emails everyday from different clients. My struggle is that, spam emails are coming along with the legit ones. SO instead of spending some of my time reading and replying to important emails, I spend it to delete spam emails in my inbox. Is there any settings in aol where I can filter incoming emails. I wonder how aol filter email bulk?

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How aol filter email bulk?


Well, do the following steps and you should get your problem solved-

1. Click on Options from aol Mail.

2. Then navigate to the General category.

3. Check automatically move spam to Spam folder under Spam Protection.

4. Select the x that appears in the OPTIONS tab when you hover the mouse over it.

5. Finally, click OK and you are done.

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How aol filter email bulk?


Hello Donal Bambie,

Well this can be achieved by adjusting your spam settings.

1.    Click on options then settings –spam settings

2.    In the drop- down menu choose spam filter level and in your case pick High

3.    You can also block the sender by putting his/her email address in the block list

4.    Another way of blocking the emails is by filtering the messages that contain a particular picture or specific words.

5.    Then click save

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