Is there a product I can get that boost my wifi signal?

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Hello experts,

When I try to watch streaming movies or video, make a FaceTime call on my home Wi-Fi, it hangs. I can see that there is no problem with my signal and yet I am still encountering this issue. Can anyone help me resolve this? Is there such thing that can help me boost my Wi-Fi signal?

Please help me experts. Thanks in advance.

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Is there a product I can get that boost my wifi signal?


Hi Edith,

It seems that the cause of the problem is about the type of wireless router you used. As a result, you were not able to stream videos online using Wi-Fi connection because the wireless router didn’t provide good signal to the client computer. To address this concern, you will need to use and integrate good quality wireless router than can deliver and put up good signal to the client computers. One recommendable and standard wireless router that you should use is Cisco Linksys Router.

To review the features, functionality and price of the wireless router, kindly click the link below.

Cisco Linksys Router – This link will guide you through the official website of Linksys Networking Products.


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Is there a product I can get that boost my wifi signal?


Hello Edith

Before starting boosting your signal lets make sure your router is not guilty :

1. Go to this site and test your connection speed.

2. Now compare the speed you got on the site to the speed that you have agreed to receive from the internet company.

3. If the speed that you got on the test match the speed on the contract then all you need is to talk with your internet company to boost your internet.

IF it did not match then try boosting the WiFi signal:

Boosting the WiFi signal can be done in many ways, I will view some with you now:

1. Get your device (PC, laptop or phone) near the router to get better signal.

2. Move your router to another location, it is preferred to setup the router on a high ground to deliver the best signal.

3. Getting a better router, a new router with much higher range can increase and boost your signal.

4. Update your WiFi software on your Laptop to the latest driver to get the best signal reception.



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