How to add video card to vista?please help

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HI guys, I want to add new video card to vista which I took it from my friend as he no longer using it.So I want to add already used video card to my windows vista can I do that or it will harm my computer and also I don't know how to add the video card as its first time I will be doing it please guide me how to add it

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How to add video card to vista?please help

Let's assume that the video card is compatible with your motherboard, this is that the video card will fit in the slot for the video card on your computer's motherboard.
To be sure, you will need to check your computer's manufacture's site and check that the video card you have can work on your motherboard, or see the image that is below
If  so, you will need to have the driver CD, or driver file downloaded of the video card, for installing it after connecting the video card.
You will have first to turn your computer off. Unplug it from the outlet. Open the computer by removing the top or back cover. Install the video card, aligning it with the video card connector. Here is an image with the different types you can find.


If you were able to install the card in the motherboard, put the covers back, plug it to the outlet, turn the computer on and let it start. There will be a message prompting that a new device was found. Install the driver following the steps appearing on the screen. You will use the CD with the driver, or USB with the driver, or the driver file that you downloaded before.
After installing the driver, reset the computer again and everything should work fine.


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