How to access other computer remotely?

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I need to access my friend's computer remotely but his computer is not part of the local network. Is that possible? I have an internet connection and I want to know the process of accessing other computer remotely.

First read the question carefully then give me answer.

Remember, I have to access other person's computer remotely while computer is not part of local network but it is part of a global network.

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How to access other computer remotely?



You can do this, but you will have to do 1 thing before accessing your friend's computer. You will have to change some settings on your friend's computer. Following are the steps to access your friend's computer:

  • Firstly, know the IP address of your friend's computer. An IP address is a unique address assigned to a computer that is connected to the internet. You can know the IP address from
  • After knowing the IP address of your friend's computer change some settings on his computer by:

Go to control panel -> System -> Remote Settings-> Check allow remote assistance connections to this computer

Now you are almost done and ready to access your friend's computer. Go to your home and connect your computer with internet. For accessing your friend's computer do the following steps:

  • If you are using Windows XP, then:

Go to all programs -> accessories -> communication -> Allow Remote Desktop Connection

  • If you are using vista/7

Then search for Remote Desktop Connection A dialog box of remote desktop connection will pop up. Enter the IP address of your friends computer in the text field and click connect and you can access each and every type of information on his computer.

Allow Remote Desktop Connection

This type of window will appear when you start a remote desktop connection. But 1 thing I should tell you. The task which you want to perform is not an ethical task. Accessing anyone's private data without his permission is not a good thing. It's OK when you do it for fun but not for damaging or misuse of your friend's computer.

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How to access other computer remotely?


If the PC is a part of Global network then it means that it is just like many computers which are in this world and that is not the part of local area network. In this case you can not access a global network because it uses different techniques to manage the network.

Although if you have his IP address then you can check that it your computer is connected which that computer or not to check this go to start and then RUN and type CMD and then press enter in the new window type ping (IP of your friend) also for global you can use tracert (IP of your friend) .

After this your PC will try to connect the other computer which is located in global network once done and you find that this IP matches your PC and there is no data loss in your request then you can do the following things:

You can share your folders with other computer. You can chat with each other. You can play a game using the network. And you can control the PC for different programs but it must be part of your domain and login to your domain to make it possible.



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