How can i develop my own website and publish it Free???

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Hello guys I need a big help from you. I want to build my own website and Publish it free, is it possible to publish website with no cost?

I have some basic knowledge of Dreamweaver 8 but I have not develop any website till now and I am a bit confused about how can I build my website a good one.

I have no idea how to make a user friendly and good interactive website as I don't know about coding. I have tried some visual development of website using Dreamweaver 8 but it seems bit difficult to me. I think some tutorial may help to learn how can I develop a good website but I don't have any idea where I can find those tutorials.

So please some one tell me how can I learn those things and how can I publish my website totally free. Is there any organization provide free web hosting?

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How can i develop my own website and publish it Free???


Hi Maccullum,

It's nice to know that you are trying to explore and do things on your own. Tutorials are a really great way to educate oneself. These days there are tutorials on almost anything!

Yes, it is possible to publish a website with no cost. There are numerous websites offering free web hosting. Most of them even have website templates where you just need to put in the things that you want like apps, scripts, change color, background, etc. You don't even have to have knowledge of html codes. The hosts’ template can do that for you.

Depending on the type of website you want, there are several ways you can make, develop and publish your website for free. Here are 10 options and solutions to help you decide and make a website:

Using DreamWeaver 8

Here are some good tutorials I found for you on how to use Dreamweaver 8 to build a website:



Once you’ve created and saved a web page, the second step is finding a good Web host to publish your site on.

Free Web Hosts

Here are some respectable Free Web hosts that you can choose from:


  • They offer 5 Free Subdomains with 5 GB/month bandwidth and 200 MB Disk Space


  • They offer 5 Free Subdomains with 5 GB/month bandwidth and 250 MB Disk Space

When you’ve chosen a free web hosting service, the next thing to do is upload the web pages you created in Dreamweaver to the server of your web host. In doing this, you are making the web page to be seen on the internet and become a website.

Uploading and Publishing

Usually, web hosts have an integrated uploading tool in your account. However, for convenience you may also use an FTP Client. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a simple and secure way of exchanging files over the Internet.

Here are some FTP Clients that are popular:


6. SmartFTP

Now, aside from creating your own web page and going though all the creating, uploading and publishing of your site manually, there are other easier ways where you do not need to do all of that. There are several websites that offer free services on a certain type of website.

Other types of Websites

You mentioned that you want an Interactive website. Well here are two other types of websites that can be fun. Through topics, posts and comments they are a great tool for interaction between you and your website viewers.

7. Blogs – Here are some of the top websites that offer blog websites absolutely free! What’s best is that, there is minimal to no scripting required in making the actual website. The only time that you will use scripts is if you want to add some gadgets that really require HTML or Java scripts to work.

8. Forum –Here are some of the websites offering free forum hosting. Just like the above, you don’t need to have knowledge of any scripts. They have templates which you can use and just do some cosmetic changes.

Now, whether you choose to have a Blog, a Forum or your self created web page, having visitors to your website is always a good thing. To make your site even more interactive, here are some ideas and scripts you can add to your website:

9. Free downloadable content – Who doesn’t like freebies? This can this can come in the form of eBooks, newsletter subscription, sample products, and more. The idea is to give the website viewer something.

10. Contests – Another freebie! You don’t have anything big, but that is up to you. You can determine what kind of contest it is, the rules, and the prizes. The point is, to make it interactive.

11. Testimonials and Product reviews – If you are offering a certain product, it is a good idea to have the consumers tell you and everyone else how great your product is. This will drive more people to your site and get you more customers as well.

12. Games – Just for fun, you can add simple games to your website. A stress relieving game can do well for your visitors, especially if your target visitors are career men and women.

13. Photos and Videos – Adding Photos and Videos related to the topics of your site can also drive traffic.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to make your website interactive. There are also hundreds of possibilities in making or owning a website.

I hope this helped in finding the one that suits you.

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How can i develop my own website and publish it Free???


Hi Maccullum,

Sounds like you are a trying hard web designer. Let’s see, first of all if you are trying to make your own website you should have a lot of patience and interest in making one, don’t rush yourself.

Try watching some tutorials in web, much better if it’s a video tutorial, YouTube is the best example for watching some tutorials in making a website, just type in the search engine and look for basic tutorials in making a website.

And also, you must also learn the other software that can make your website look presentable.

Here are some of them:

Adobe com products fireworks html

Adobe com products flash html

Adobe com products photoshop html

Watch some tutorials regarding about all these software in YouTube, just take your time to learn all of them. It will take some time before you learn to all of this software, but believe me if you learn all of them you can create your own website just like a piece of cake. Hope this help.



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