Don’t Connect To The Internet Which Has Stopped All Of My Work.

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Internet is one of the basic needs for today’s generation. Social networks, online portals, Google etc. all are a part of our routine. But what if the main thing i.e. net connection gets disabled? What to do if i cannot connect to the internet?

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Don’t Connect To The Internet Which Has Stopped All Of My Work.


1) One of the most common reasons is loose cables.

Wireless networks do not have such problems but see that the router is plugged in.

Thus in wired or wireless networks, check the wires, plug and see if the device is on.

2) Sometimes a particular website is offline. It is always better to check more than one websites before concluding that your internet connection is faulty.

3) Check if the same IP address is being used by two computers. This will restrict either of them to work properly online.

4) If you firewall/anti-virus installed on your desktop, make sure to disable it first because it blocks the internet traffic.

5) Ensure you are inside the wireless signal range.

6) When someone at the access point has changed the encryption key, internet connection will be lost from a device.

7) See if there exists any router failure. Failures include excessive heating, traffic etc.

Troubleshoot the existing issues.

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