Home Sharing in iOS 4.3

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Hi everyone,

Does one have to enable sharing, inside iTunes as well as turning on Home Sharing? Some of the how to's I have read, say you need to check the boxes in iTunes Sharing, while others just say to turn on Home Sharing in iTunes and in iPad iPod settings.


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Home Sharing in iOS 4.3


To start, you need to activate home sharing in iTUNES on each of the MACS, whose libraries you want to share.

To do this go to the Advanced menu on iTunes and choose turn on HOME SHARING . You will be prompted to enter your Apple ID and Password.  This is where, the home sharing feature has its limits,  Only those computers that have same home sharing accounts, can use home sharing features

In IOS 4.3 setup you can either go further to set it up, Go To settings >iPod on your iOS device you will see a new home sharing section ; enter your Apple ID  and password .  Now you can use home sharing on your computer.

with the steps mentioned above you will be able to get through this problem.

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