Copy to the disk using USB fails on Macintosh

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I have attempted to copy to the disk using USB and fire wire on all the Mac mini ports including the keyboard ones.

Why am I getting this weird error message?

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Help me! Thanks for assistance.

Attempting to copy to the disk”Macintosh HD”failed.

An unknown error occurred (-51).


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Copy to the disk using USB fails on Macintosh


Can you give more information? What device are you trying to copy data from and to? How is it connected to your mac?

Generally you might have an error with a certain piece of data. You might want to limit your copy range down to specifit files to see which file is corrupted. 

Also, you can try to restart the computer and restore the settings. 

Anyways, you have to post more information about it to get help.

Good luck,


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