Help with website transparent page content.

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I need alittle help in website transparent page content please, now am creating my first website and as a new programmer

I don't know a lot of stuff but still learning, amusing pinboard them and I need my website to be semi-transparent, and I did that but now am looking for

Having website transparent page content as well, I have tried a lot of things, but I still get white not transparent.

Please help me ! 😉


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Help with website transparent page content.


Hello there Richard

All you need to do is to edit your css and make the opacity looks like transparent. I hope this link could help you understand the transparency in web designing. You may go to for a lot of tutorials regarding web designing. They are good in making tutorials for anything with regard to web designing.

Hope it helps you.

Regards, Roland.

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Help with website transparent page content.


Hi Richard,

From my little experience i like to tell you that,

In CSS3 two new property are use for adjust transparency. This web property is rgba and opacity. For more details about CSS3 you can visit .

The opacity property is help you to make any element see-through of the page. The opacity requires value 0 to 1. 0 values make an element invisible, other than 1 is fully unclear.


 Suppose you want to make an image 40% transparent. You might make a class like .transparent, for example and include the class on HTML for this image. The CSS will be like this

.transparent{opacity: .4;}

The HTML codes will like this:

<img src="pic.jpg" class="transparent">

In CSS3 has a method to concern a transparent color for text, backgrounds. We can include a transparent background color in a div, departure the text only. For this you can apply new rgba value of the color.


For build all the heading 1 tags light red

h1 {color: #FF0000;}

For more information you also visit


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