Help needed in ‘OmniPage 17 Pro’

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In order to convert tons of mathematics and physics documents to PDF for my students, I have purchased ‘Omnipage 17 Pro’.

I am facing a problem which is, ‘Omnipage’ is not showing most of the symbols in the documents.

When I want to edit those symbols, it is making me mad.

All documents are having lot of symbols and it will take a lot of time to edit.

So I am looking for help to add character set in ‘Omnipage’, when the symbols are not available in the default character set.

Please help me to get out of this problem.

Thanks in advance for all the support. 


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Help needed in ‘OmniPage 17 Pro’


While scanning, set the Scanning mode to highest regulation. It will slow down the scanning time, but the output will be 100%. The symbol based character will give more smooth output too.

Check that the paper you are scanning from is printed by the laser printer. Laser printer’s output quality is more efficient than the Jet printer. The scanned quality of the laser-printed-document will also be very good.

You can also try bolding (Bold command) the symbol you are using in the documents. May be that will be helpful highlighting the printed document and scanning the document. Alternatively you can make the symbol as a small image, and paste is in the document where it is necessary.

As these pasting and correcting take long, use the Edit > Replace options to change the character/ symbol very quickly. You can also try scanning the document with Omnipage’s Manually Zoning Scanning options. With these options, you will get more control the special area you want to scan and the symbols will appear more smoothly too.

Sadly, hand written document and symbols do not get the 100% scan output.

So, all of the mentioned methods will work only on printed documents.


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