Heat Sink Problem in Compaq Laptop

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My Compaq Laptop is getting too much heat from the last few weeks and seems like it is burning. I tried to use some heat sink compound but it didn’t work for me. The main problem is with the hard drive. It's getting too much hot rather than the processor area. I'm not sure what to do, Please help me if there is any idea.

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Heat Sink Problem in Compaq Laptop


Supports for Compaq laptops nowadays were really not that easy due to lack of these kinds in the market.

When heating problems occur not only for a short time, you may install it in a fan base or aim a fan on it to reduce temperature.

Graphically intensive running programs are also promoting high temperature. You could limit hard laptop usage if that’s the case.

Some overheating issues also may be caused by viruses or any unwanted software. Try running a scan or you could format your laptop and re-install your operating system afterwards.

If the problem still persists, contact your provider for technical issues or just try to replace it with another laptop. It is more convenient to have a new laptop than fixing it with high cost.

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Heat Sink Problem in Compaq Laptop



I would advise that you try and use a laptop cooler. This would be one way to try and eradicate that much produced heat. All the same, your hard drive could be wearing out and needs replacement. If you are sure that the processor fan and heat sink are all fine, most likely the problem is in the hard drive itself.

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You may try (if possible) and use another hard drive and see the results and do a clean Windows installation. Also try and perform a dick cleanup on your hard drive and remove any temporarily unused files. A disk defragmentation can rapidly increase the performance of your hard drive and reduce the heat generated thereof. 


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