Wifi connectivity problem with Asus ZenBook UX305F laptop

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Hello! I would like to ask what is the problem with my laptop that I just bought 2 days ago. I was able to connect with the internet. Just recently I can see exclamation point in the taskbar where the internet icon is located. I did not install or download any type of software or hardware with it. I tried to turn off and on the router and rebooted my laptop but still the same. Is there any way that we can resolve this issue? Can you provide me alternative way on how to do it? What could be the possible cause of this problem?

Thank you very much and have a nice day!

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Wifi connectivity problem with Asus ZenBook UX305F laptop


Hi Stephen,

The internet connectivity issue could be cases where the internet service providers, internet could be down, did you check with your service provider to see if they have everything going up fine.

The Exclamation mark is there to tell you that there is no internet connectivity or limited connectivity.

If they say yes the net is fine then it might be the case where the Wifi could be at fault, one of the best thing to do here is to find out if it connects to any other wifi or a wifi hotspot fine to see if wifi adapter is working, if it still does not connect, then its best to take the laptop in for a service since its just 2 days old as it might require the wifi drivers needs to be re-installed. If it connects fine to other wifi fine then there might be some setting that could have been changed with your current ISP service provider so its best to call them up and check for settings.

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Wifi connectivity problem with Asus ZenBook UX305F laptop


I think the exclamation mark you are referring to is the one I normally see at the bottom of the Windows Internet Explorer. It never disappears as always though you are connecting very well to different websites. So, if you are using the Windows Internet Explorer as your browser to visit different websites, the exclamation mark you see at the bottom of the browser can be ignored.

As long as you can connect to the internet very well and has no problem with speed then there’s no problem. If you can’t stand the exclamation mark and it annoys you, you can use a different web browser for your internet activities. You can try the Opera browser which I regularly use when I’m online and is my default web browser.

Download Opera for Computers. Another alternative is Google Chrome. It is also a fast web browser like Opera. Download from Chrome for PC. Another is Mozilla Firefox which is also fast. Download from Firefox Free Download. You can also try Maxthon cloud browser. One thing with this browser, if you are using a Pentium 4 computer you might see it as a slow browser. Download from Maxthon for Windows.

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