Fan remains on laptop constantly

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I have a Dell laptop and the fan never turns off.  I know it is normal for it to run on occasion, but I am concerned about damage if the fan runs constantly.  It does turn off the minute I power down, but as soon as I boot back up, it turns on and runs the entire time.  I'm guessing I'm due for a new laptop but are there any suggestions to how I can fix this problem?  Thank you.

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Fan remains on laptop constantly


Laptop fan keep running to control the heat generated by it. But, if it is constantly running high, it's not a very good sign. There can be several reasons for it. Check which one of these is actually causing the problem in your case.

1. Your laptop has captured a lot of dust and hence clogged at many areas. In this case, cooling your laptop will take long as the heat is failing to come out normally.

2. How do you use your laptop? Are you keeping it on lap? On a blanket/ sheet? Do not create any obstacle near the fan area by clogging it. Heat will not get controlled naturally.

3. If you are used in playing too many games of high quality on your laptop, that might be a cause. Check your system supports these high end programs or not.

4. Check the processor load in activity monitor.

Hope this helps.

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Fan remains on laptop constantly


Hi, Philip P Rivera  You don't have to worry, your fan may run 24 hrs and it will not cost you any problem. The fan run because it will keep your Hardware safe from overheating. So it run just leave it don't mind you fan just think as keeping you hardware cool so it wont get overheat.

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